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Howlin' like a Shewolf (2019)

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Haritz Orgasm (2015)

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Past Concerts
Current Tour
When Space Where Why
15/04/2022 Urederra camping Artaza Carretera Artaza, km 1, Artaza, Nafarroa A Concert in Udaberriko Festa in Urederra
27/05/2022 La Sala Buda Ronda Rancha 13, Benavente, Zamora Scheduled concert with the fabulous Titis Twister
11/06/2022 La Madalena Privee Barrio de la Madalena Iruña, Nafarroa In the Vermut of The Opening Summer 2022 party
05/08/2022 Palacete de Burlada Mayor 2, Burlata, Nafarroa XIV Burlada Blues Festival
10/08/2022 Xorta Taproom Valle del Roncal 2, Burgi, Nafarroa Scheduled concert
16/08/2022 Tafallako Jaiak Mayor 19, Tafalla, Nafarroa Scheduled concert in Tafallako Jaiak 2022
31/08/2022 Iruña SMC 2022 Plza Compañía, Iruña, Nafarroa IIIº Salas de Música en la calle Festival
04/09/2022 La Radio Rock'n Roll Bar Pso. Anelier 12, Iruña, Nafarroa Scheduled concert
08/10/2022 Orbain Kultur Elkartea Navarro Villoslada 8, Vitoria_Gazteiz, Araba Scheduled concert


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